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Register Your Organisation’s Interest for the Worthwhile Training Programme

Partnerships and Development Director Fiona Walsh shares an update about scoping relaunching our Worthwhile Training Programme, with organisations able to register their interest in this programme’s training cohort for their junior staff.

Reflecting on This Year’s Fundraiser Campaigns

Our Sales Director Fiona Walsh shares our final update on our Spring Fundraiser, with our total raised and a reflection on all of our fundraising campaigns this year. You can also find out how to become a regular donor.

Fiona Walsh

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Our Spring Fundraiser Progress: What Has Happened So Far?

Our Sales Director Fiona Walsh shares an update on the progress of our Spring Fundraiser, including all the activities that have happened so far and what’s coming up before the campaign ends on 14th May.

Introducing our Spring Fundraiser for April and May

Our Sales Director Fiona Walsh shares our exciting update on our Spring Fundraiser, including our brand new Innovate Fund, and all the activities we have planned as a network across April and May.

Reflecting On Our Winter Fundraiser

Sales Director Fiona Walsh shares an update about Student Hubs’ Winter Fundraiser which finished on Friday 11th December. Our blog reflects on what we’ve done during our fundraiser, how much money we raised, and our social issue spotlights that our local Hubs have featured across the fundraiser.

Youth Disadvantage and DAC Beachcroft’s Donation to Branch Up in Southampton

Sales Director Fiona Walsh shares an update about Southampton Hub’s spotlight on youth disadvantage and our partnership with DAC Beachcroft, who have generously donated gifts and £1000 to Southampton Hub’s Branch Up programme.

Student Hubs’ One Community Forum

Sales Director Fiona Walsh shares an update about Student Hubs’ One Community Forum, an event funded by the UPP Foundation which brought together our five Hubs and external guests to discuss the issue of educational attainment and responding to Covid-19 through student volunteering.

Fiona Walsh, Sales Director

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How making an impact had an impact on me – Aaron’s social action journey

I wanted to make an impact at university, by being a part of Winchester Hub I discovered a way to do just that, through developing my professional and personal skills.

Service Learning: Accessible Opportunities for Meeting Student and Community Need

Former Kingston Hub Programme Managers Annie Yonkers and Clara Johnston reflect on the impact of Service Learning on Kingston University students and community partners.

Annie Yonkers, Clara Johnston and Fiona Walsh

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Values – putting them into practice during Covid-19

Student Hubs share how they are integrating their values to adapt to a changing situation.

Sorcha Young & Sophie Ford

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