Over the years, thousands of students have taken part in our social action activities. Now, they are continuing to shape a better world as charity professionals, social enterprise leaders, teachers and more.




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Whether you’re just finishing university or you’ve been in the working world for a while, the Student Hubs Alumni Network will connect you to old Hub friends, other graduates and ways to stay involved with volunteering.

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If you have a question or idea, get in touch with alumni@studenthubs.org.





The Student Hubs Alumni Mentoring Scheme allows graduates to develop their coaching skills and help students reach their full potential.

Mentors receive in-person training, a webinar and email support.

Mentoring sessions with students currently take place in Bristol, Southampton and remotely.

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Social Action Book Club!


SH alumni have started a space where we can share inspiring books and debate the issues that matter to us.

Every couple of months we’ll vote on a book to read then congregate on an evening for tea and snacks (and maybe some vino if you’re lucky) to chat about what we think and share interesting projects/ideas we’ve been up to.

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Alumni Board


Here’s the team getting the Alumni Network up and running:

Natan Bram

Communications Coordinator

Aurora Justice

Events Coordinator

Bethan Deverson

Programmes Coordinator

Catherine Wong

Communications Coordinator

Henna Shah


Makena Lohr

Programmes Coordinator