Five one-off student events that will bring a smile to your face!

Posted on: 17 February 2023

To wrap up Student Volunteering Week, we wanted to recap some of favourite one-off events that have happened the past few years. 

Habitat Building at Winchester Hub

In 2017, Winchester Hub in partnership with the Environment and Maintenance teams at the University of Winchester delivered a hedgehog habitat building session. Students had the opportunity to learn about hedgehog populations and how to safely use power tools to create large homes for hedgehogs which have been placed around campus, protecting our unique wildlife. This has gone on for three more years, supporting the university to reach Silver Status for hedgehogs on campus.

Art for Good at Kingston Hub

Last year, Kingston Hub partnered with MA Illustration in Kingston University to run a fundraiser supporting our work and another charity of choice. As part of the Enrichment Fair stall, our students have illustrated various pets images for donations. Overall, £120 was raised for Kingston Hub and an animal shelter.

Postcards of Positivity at Southampton Hub

Southampton Hub has led a Postcards of Positivity event this year which allowed students to write encouraging postcards to first year students. Overall, 38 students created 45 postcards to be shared with first year students.

Christmas cards to the older community at Bristol Hub

In 2021, Bristol Hub hosted an event to support members of the community who were still isolated from covid-19. Their local committee did a tremendous amount of work to collect and deliver cards that were then given to members in local care homes around Christmas. We saw the wonderful power of short term, one-off opportunities allowing people to continue to connect in meaningful ways, even when we were all facing challenges. Some of the cards even received responses!

Candlelight Yoga at Cambridge Hub

Cambridge Hub has arranged Candlelight Yoga for students delivered by an expert in yoga. The Committee organised a bake sale alongside the Candlelit Yoga session, raising a total of £200.

As with every year, we want to take the opportunity to highlight and celebrate every individual; volunteer and committee member, who gave their time and energy to create and participate in our opportunities, and make a positive contribution to our community partners. If you are within any of our institutions, we encourage you to check out what is going on in your local area and get volunteering!

Unsal Kaynak

Unsal Kaynak is the Kingston Hub Manager, and he also leads the Alumni work at Student Hubs. If you have questions or want to get in touch you can email him at

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