Student Hubs runs programmes in partnership with universities to enhance student experience, develop employability and improve student retention.



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We deliver Practical Volunteering, Skilled Placements, Service Learning and Incubation programmes to up to 250 students a year at Gold Hubs and up to 700 students per year at our Platinum Hubs.


Practical Volunteering

Our Practical Volunteering provides a unique platform for students to work directly with beneficiaries in the community, tackling social issues and developing core employability skills.

Skilled Placements

Our Skilled Placements trains students to become consultants, with students taking part in a 6-8 week projects to develop bespoke solutions for clients we source from the charity and social impact organisations in the local community.

Service Learning

Service Learning embeds student consultancy into degree modules, training students to work with clients from local charities and social enterprises throughout an assessed, accredited module where students engage with real-world scenarios.


Following the coronavirus pandemic, a focus for universities on access, retention, employability skills and graduate outcomes is more vital than ever. Student Hubs’ model serves these priorities and a partnership with us supports you to address issues relating to student experience, retention and outcomes now and in the future. Our model is adaptable which means we can react quickly, delivering programmes which directly target student groups most in need of intervention.

Evidence from one of our partner universities suggests that students engaged in our Hub activities are significantly more likely to progress to the next level of study compared to non-engaged students, with a 9% difference in progression rates between students who engaged in our programmes in comparison to non-engaged students, representing a significant financial saving.


Student and Staff Training

At Student Hubs, we have over a decade of experience developing students’ skills, employability, and outcomes and have delivered training to thousands of students over the years. Our training is delivered in Hubs across our network and can be bought in by universities and student unions to support the work you are already doing and add capacity and expertise to your existing programmes.

Examples of our training sessions and packages for students include a 1-2 day workshop on student leadership called Challenge Leadership; a package of training aimed at introducing students to Diversity and Inclusion; a Project Skills package with a focus on upskilling students in various areas including time management, managing conflict, resilience, managing volunteers and teamwork amongst others; and workshops on employability.

We also offer a Volunteer Programme package which includes sessions for staff who run volunteer programmes on topics such as how to manage student volunteers; understanding impact measurement; embedding student leadership into programme design; and working with community partners.

Previous training partners include the University of Birmingham, the University of Essex and Royal Holloway, University of London.

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of attendees felt more motivated to tackle social issues


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“The innovative, interactive and enjoyable training sessions have been essential to the success of the leadership programme. Working with Student Hubs has enabled us to offer a wide range of skills sessions to students who have given us positive feedback about how much they take from the sessions into future employment and careers.”Samuel Murphy, Birmingham Business School



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