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Our Winter Fundraiser: How Your Organisation Can Get Involved

Partnership and Development Director Fiona Walsh shares an update about our 2021 Winter Fundraiser, sharing how organisations, businesses and corporate partners can support this year’s fundraiser which is focusing on empowering the next generation and young people.

Our Webinar and Workshops for 2021-22

Sales Director Fiona Walsh shares an update about our 2021-22 offer for webinars, workshops and training for students, staff and third sector professionals, with ticketed staff webinars and workshops currently live on Eventbrite including new package options.

What does ‘Pride’ mean to staff at Student Hubs?

‘I am proud to work somewhere which has over 50% LGBT+ staff, and I feel proud of the younger generation who are challenging stereotypes, boldly asserting who they are, and leading the way for us.’

Introducing our National Corporate Partnerships

Our Sales Director Fiona Walsh shares information about our brand new national corporate partnerships offer, which opportunities for organisations to make an impact on community engagement and in engaging students and prospective graduates.

Reflecting on This Year’s Fundraiser Campaigns

Our Sales Director Fiona Walsh shares our final update on our Spring Fundraiser, with our total raised and a reflection on all of our fundraising campaigns this year. You can also find out how to become a regular donor.

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Our Spring Fundraiser Progress: What Has Happened So Far?

Our Sales Director Fiona Walsh shares an update on the progress of our Spring Fundraiser, including all the activities that have happened so far and what’s coming up before the campaign ends on 14th May.

Introducing our Spring Fundraiser for April and May

Our Sales Director Fiona Walsh shares our exciting update on our Spring Fundraiser, including our brand new Innovate Fund, and all the activities we have planned as a network across April and May.

Student Hubs Named One of Escape the City’s Top 100 Organisations

Our CEO Sim Dhanjal provides an update on our ranking in Escape the City’s ‘The Escape 100’, an annual campaign that recognises organisations that care about its employees and the planet, revealing the top 100 organisations to work for in 2021.

Student Volunteering Week 2021

Sales Director Fiona Walsh looks back on this year’s Student Volunteering Week, with highlights including our brand new webinar series, a focus on mental health and wellbeing at our Hubs, and Bristol’s One City Approach.

Reflecting on our 2019-20 Impact Report

Sales Director Fiona Walsh reflects on creating the Student Hubs 2019-20 Impact Report, including highlights from the report, the design and what we’re most proud of.