Being Social in September

Posted on: 30 September 2022

New Committees

All of our local Hubs have been working hard recruiting and inducting the new committees. This year, we started inducting our 4 local committees together, with a virtual session. Our aim is to create a network of committee members across cities, engaging with each other. After a challenging recruitment process for some of our local Hubs, Bristol Hub has amazingly recruited around 20 new volunteers for their committee and recently ran a Committee Induction. In their induction, they have covered areas such as Safeguarding, Expectations and Boundaries as well as Recruiting Volunteers at the Welcome Fair.

Group of Student Volunteers and staff standing in front of windows smiling at the camera.

Welcome Week 22

As we are entering into a new Academic Year, our local Hubs have been taking part in their Welcome Week Fayres. During Kingston Hub’s Fayre, they had a special appearance from their new Mascot, Hubbi the Social Action T-Rex. The Social Action T-Rex was a huge hit at the Freshers Fayre and has supported Kingston Hub with an impressive 110 newsletter sign-ups. They have also utilised this opportunity to give students a choice in supporting the direction of Give It A Go, Kingston’s rebranded one-off volunteering opportunity. 

Bristol Hub has promoted both their volunteering and skilled placement projects with success, gaining around 130 sign-ups to their newsletter and 30 new followers on their social medi. Both Southampton Hub and Cambridge Hub will be doing their Welcome Fairs in the next few days.

Kingston Hub Staff Member wearing a T-Rex suit with a tag around their neck with the writring 'Hubbi The Social Action T-Rex'Group of students and volunteers gathered around a tall at Freshers Fayre.


In the Spotlight

This Month, we would like to put Lydia Ferguson in the Spotlight. Lydia joined our Winchester Hub team last year after volunteering on the Winchester Hub committee, and taking part in Woolly Matters. Lydia has been a great support across the year as part of Winchester Hub and has brought incredible passion and joy to work. After the news of the wrap up of Winchester Hub after 8 fantastic years, she has worked meticulously to plan and deliver the Winchester Hub Celebration Event. The event happened last week with alumni, current students, staff and partners in attendance.

Group of individuals gathered listening to a speech.

What to Look Out For

  • We are recruiting Alumni Mentors for our Alumni Mentoring Scheme!

Applications for our Alumni Mentoring Scheme, allowing our amazing graduates to mentor and support current volunteers in our local hubs is now open. You can register your interest as a mentor using our form!

  • Cambridge Hub Programmes Manager

We are recruiting a new Programmes Manager to support with the delivery of our Engage for Change programme in Cambridge. Find out more about the role on our website!

  • Alumni Wrap-Up

Check our instagram stories for our usual biweekly alumni wrap-up for more news and opportunities. The next Alumni Wrap-Up is today!

Unsal Kaynak

Unsal Kaynak is the Kingston Hub Manager, and he also leads the Alumni work at Student Hubs. If you have questions or want to get in touch you can email him at

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