Reflecting on This Year’s Fundraiser Campaigns

Posted on: 17 May 2021

It has been nearly six weeks since the start of our Spring Fundraiser, and the time has flown by! To end the campaign, we wanted to share our final donation total, reflect on our fundraisers this academic year, and share how you can continue to support Student Hubs. 

Spring Fundraiser update

In total, we’re incredibly pleased to announce our total donations to the Spring Fundraiser and Innovate Fund came to £1779.50! Thank you to everyone who donated during the campaign and took part in our fantastic events. 

You can see our look back at our April events at our blog here. We also held two webinars last week. Our Cambridge Hub Programme Manager Isobel led our free student webinar which focused on Starting Your Student Leadership Journey, upskilling students to explore the topic of leadership and influencing others. 

We also had our exciting new Innovate Workshop, led by our Sales Director Fiona, which brought together five staff from various universities across the UK to explore the topic of innovation, discuss challenges and ideas, and do reflective activities and plan actions to innovate and adapt volunteering delivery for students.  

Reflecting on this year’s fundraisers

We re-started national fundraising campaigns in the midst of May and the pandemic last year, with our 600k Hub to Hub challenge and learnt a lot! 

This year, we held two fundraisers, our Winter Fundraiser and Spring Fundraiser, which have raised a combined fundraising total of £3636.50. This funding makes a huge difference to the impact we can make, supporting our infrastructure, our network, our activities and the impact we can make on our student and Hub communities. Our three key takeaways from this year’s campaigns are below.

Fundraising brings people together

One of the biggest successes in both our fundraisers was running events that brought our networks together. We had a lot of fun running quizzes, Murder Mystery events, webinars, and our Twitch stream which enabled our team to bring their family and friends along, as well as reach our students, communities and colleagues in interactive and exciting ways! We will definitely be exploring what events we plan to run for next year’s fundraising activities, so keep your eyes peeled.

Our team love a challenge

Nothing spurs our staff team on like a challenge, and our team really rose to the occasion as we got underway with fundraisers and trying to reach our goals for donations. Our fundraisers also allowed our teams to set their own challenges, such as the Innovate Eight Challenge which got our staff exercising, or collating and creating new content for their Innovation Spotlights. 

We need to reach even more people and organisations

In our Winter Fundraiser, we had two very generous donations from DAC Beachcroft and Studio III, and in our Spring Fundraiser we had two large donations of £100 from an individual donor, and £500 from the Kirkland Family Trust. These larger amounts spur our team on and make an incredible difference to what we’re able to achieve. We have always been about community and working together at Student Hubs, but with our fundraising efforts, we want to do this even more. 

So if you know an organisation or business who might be willing to support our cause, or if you would be willing to give a large donation, do get in touch. We can discuss partnership opportunities, match funding our future campaigns, and how we can support your needs at Student Hubs. Email our Sales Director, Fiona Walsh at to find out more.

Why we need regular donors 

In our Winter Fundraiser blog, we talked about why regular donors are so important, and we would like to share this message again. You can donate regularly through our new individual donation page, and a regular donation is vital for us as it means an income stream we can count on. 

By becoming a regular donor, you get to make a sustained impact for us at Student Hubs, access our donor benefits, and become one of our fantastic orange donor tiers! Who wouldn’t want to be a Caring Clementine or Outstanding Orange? 

Once again, our Winchester Hub student Harry explains why you should sign up to regularly donate below:  


Thank you 

We want to give a huge thank you to everyone who donated as part of the campaign, who attended events, who shared our content, and who engaged with our fundraisers this year. 

We’re excited to start compiling our plans for the 2021-22 academic year, and you can expect our next big campaign to take place in December!

Fiona Walsh

Fiona is Student Hubs' Sales Director. She leads on university sales, alumni and corporate fundraising, marketing strategy and external relations. Fiona started her social action journey as a student volunteer with Southampton Hub.

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