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Posted on: 27 November 2020

As November draws to a close, our Hubs are well and truly in the swing of things. Our projects may look a little different but there is lots of exciting activity happening across the network. This month we are sharing a few uplifting snippets from the amazing students we work with.

Our Student Committees

In these uncertain times, we are so lucky to support such inspiring, thoughtful and innovative individuals. Our student committees have been busy organising fundraisers, creating wellbeing spaces and coming up with exciting remote events. To give you a taste of what they’ve been up to, we thought we’d share one of the projects our Winchester Hub committee worked on this month. On Random Acts of Kindness day, volunteers placed painted pebbles with positive messages around campus to put a much needed smile on the faces of the student body.


Last month we told you about the exciting new sustainability project at Bristol Hub: Climate Action Bristol. This month we thought we’d continue on the eco-theme with a feature on the Cambridge Carbon Literacy Project at Cambridge Hub. We were lucky enough to chat to Will, the student leader behind the project and you can hear from him below:

“Hi, my name is Will, and I am a 3rd year PhD student at the University of Cambridge, studying tumour immunology! I am also part of the amazing Cambridge Hub team, and have been working on setting up the Cambridge Carbon Literacy project at the University this year. The Carbon Literacy project is a charity up in Manchester, and their main aim is to get as many people from all sectors, including higher education, ‘Carbon Literate’. Becoming Carbon Literate involves self-study as well as attending a course delivered by specific Carbon Literacy trainers. Upon certification, Carbon Literate students should feel confident discussing the climate emergency, what effect human activity has on this process, as well as what we can do to tackle this crisis.

As the Carbon Literacy Project officer, myself and a group of 10 other students have received training to help design and deliver a Cambridge-specific course open for all students free of charge! We felt this was necessary as the University currently lacks an environmental education programme that is open to all. We hope that the course is appealing not only to students currently engaged in climate issues, but also, provides those that see climate debates as quite complex and inaccessible with a platform to discuss these issues. We have just completed our first round of training, and there are now 40 more Carbon Literate students in Cambridge! We plan to keep this momentum up next term, and train over 100 more students on our waiting list! For me, the overall goal of this project is to normalise talking about the climate emergency in the University and make it an issue everyone is confident talking about and passionate acting on.”

#iWill Week

From 18-24 November we celebrated the Power of Youth as part of #iWill week. We gave our national platform to the students we work with and they shared their thoughts about the Power of Youth and their predictions for the future. Watch the video below:

In the Spotlight

This month we want to put Pippa in the spotlight. Pippa has been the fantastic CEO of Student Hubs for the past 18 months. However, the time has come for new adventures in the USA (after a quick break in Mexico!). She is going to be missed but we are so excited to see what happens in the next chapter of Pippa’s journey. 

Pippa studied History at the University of Cambridge and in her second year she began her journey with Student Hubs as the Cambridge Hub Committee Coordinator. Following that she took part in the Social Impact Internship Scheme, organised the speaker series and won a Social Leadership Award. After graduating Pippa took part in the Worthwhile Graduate Scheme as a Programmes Officer at Imperial Hub. She then had several roles in innovation before rejoining Student Hubs as the Worthwhile Programme Director. In 2019 she became CEO and has been a resilient, brave and inspiring leader. 

All the best Pippa 🧡

What to Look Out For

Sophie Payne

Sophie Payne is the Bristol Hub Programmes Manager, she also oversees Student Hubs alumni network. If you have questions or want to get in touch you can email her at

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