5 Reasons a Social Impact Internship is the Best Way to Spend Your Summer

Posted on: 31 January 2018

Students Discussing Social Issues

Although Student Hubs’ Social Impact Internship Scheme is no longer running there are still ways you can gain skills and improve your employability. You may like to read more about what we do at our Hubs, come along to our free student training or share your ideas with us for the opportunity to be featured on our blog. If you are looking for further advice, you should reach out to your university’s Careers Service. Can’t wait to connect! (Editor’s note: 10/02/22)


When it comes to choosing how to spend your summer, the possibilities can seem overwhelming. Alongside spending quality time in the sun with friends and family, you may want to get work experience under your belt, learn a new skill, or help to create positive social change. Student Hubs’ Social Impact Internship Scheme offers the opportunity to do all three. But don’t just take our word for it. Instead, read on to learn about Mariam Yusuf’s experience of her 2017 internship placement at St Vincent’s Family Project and why you should apply to SIIS this year. Mariam is a student at Kingston University.

1. Intern in an exciting, supportive environment

“My internship was an amazing journey in which I met different people from all walks of life. Care and respect for one another were key values of the charity I was placed with. It was inspiring to work with people from different financial and cultural backgrounds, to interact and exchange ideas.”

2.  Learn key skills

“My role was to help find and apply for funding bids, which gave me an insight to the processes of fundraising. I learned that without successful funding applications, the childcare support, financial assistance, therapy sessions and parenting programmes that the charity runs would be limited for families in urgent need.”

3. Gain insight into the sector

“During my placement, I saw that government cuts and rising living costs had led to more families needing support from charities. In the borough of London I worked in, the ever-increasing skyscrapers, newly renovated houses and shops mean that many families struggle to afford housing costs. Their only options are relocating or seeking charitable assistance. Learning this really taught me the importance of the third sector, and gave me a deeper insight into issues facing society today.”

4. Make an impact

“During my internship, I applied for one of the largest, most competitive funding grants awarded to charities across the UK. My bid was successful, meaning SVFP received £10,000! This money will go towards holistic art therapy sessions for children at risk of being excluded from state schools.”

5. Figure out your future

“I now have a more in-depth insight into how charities work – how they are constantly fundraising and looking for more funding avenues to maintain their services. My placement definitely made me want to pursue a third sector career after graduation.” Like Mariam, you could add invaluable capacity to a non-profit organisation whilst developing your skills and experience. We partner with a range of social impact organisations to offer flexible and part-time 7 week placements. Internships involve a meaningful project and adhere to our Fair Internship Policy. All students who are passionate about making change are encouraged to apply! Watch the video below to learn more about the application process and sign up to your local Hub’s newsletter for updates. Applications are open until the last week of February.

Alice Dann

Alice coordinates Oxford Hub projects and Student Hubs' Social Impact Internship Scheme.

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