Student Hubs is just the tip of the iceberg. We support student leaders in UK universities to learn, connect and do something to tackle social issues. We tailor our Hub model to your university landscape, adding value to your student social action offer where it is most needed.


Currently, we have Hubs in Bristol, Cambridge, Kingston, Southampton and Winchester. Read on to find out how to start a Hub near you.




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Great for Universities

Student experience

A Hub improves students’ experience of university. Students engage with the world beyond the university through experiential learning. Building communities of likeminded individuals makes them more likely to stay at university and excel upon graduation.

Community benefit

Investing in a Hub helps universities to realise their civic role in the local community. Institutions demonstrate leadership locally, contributing to the perception of the university and its students as positive agents for change.

Opportunities for all

Our activities are tailored to ensure that they are accessible to all students, regardless of income background, race, disability or other circumstances. We support students who have never previously had the opportunity to take part in social action.


Great for students

Skill up

Our impact-driven social action programmes enable students to gain experience and professional skills that enhance their employability. Leadership, teamwork and confidence are just some of the student outcomes we measure.

Make a difference

All of our programmes are designed to benefit both local communities and the students involved. Students can take part in a range of activities that support groups in need and help to tackle social and environmental challenges.

Access a network

Through our network, students have access to a large, diverse peer group full of people who want to create positive social change. Students also benefit from innovative training and an experienced staff team.



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We have an established method for setting up a new Hub that is tailored to the student body and the community. We fit our Hub model to your University landscape, filling in the gaps and supporting social action where it is most needed.


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to find out where we could add value, and how we can work together for maximum impact.