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Posted on: 22 November 2022

Here at Student Hubs we see student passion and action on a daily basis. We know that students have and continue to be the cornerstone for positive change, with their voice adding creativity, energy and hope to the conversation of social and environmental activism. 

It is because of this that we have put together a limited edition Student Hubs Zine that highlights these voices and brings attention to the causes that students are passionate about. This is a project we started earlier this year, and you can read our full post about our Zine plans and how they’ve come together here.

Why we’ve undertaken this project

As a reminder, to celebrate Student Hubs’ 15th birthday, we created a limited edition Zine. We wanted to highlight our passion for student social action and raise money so we can continue to support our work in the community to champion causes, develop and expand the variety of training and programmes we have continued to deliver over the past 15 years, and in support our network of Hubs to make this impact happen in the first place.

The funds raised from the Zine will help with the running costs of the many projects we run at Student Hubs. For example, just £20 (5 digital Zine sales) could pay for a lunch time meal for 10 Branch Up children or £15 (3 in-print Zine sales not including postage) could support the cost of a DBS check for one of our Linkages or Schools Plus volunteers.

Centred around the theme ‘connecting with social causes’ we received submissions from students and staff reflecting on sustainability, food poverty, and immigration. We saw essays, collages, and videos which were used to help bring attention to a personally significant social issue. 

How you can purchase a copy of our Zine

We are excited to say our Zine is about to be released! You can pre-order our Zine from #GivingTuesday (29th November) and we will begin delivering them (either virtually or in print, depending on what option you choose) in December. Numbers for physical copies are limited so pre-order now to avoid disappointment. 

Our in-print copy of the Zine will cost £8.50 including postage, and our digital copy of the Zine, shared as a PDF, costs £4. You can order your copy of the Zine at our Enthuse donation page here.

We want to give a huge thank you to all the students and staff who supported us in the making of this social action Zine. We’re proud to share their vision of what students connected with causes looks like, and continue the celebration of our 15th birthday into next year.

If you have any questions about ordering our Zine, please get in touch with info@studenthubs.org.

Fiona Walsh and Lydia Ferguson

Fiona Walsh is the Partnerships and Development Director at Student Hubs, supporting the network's partnership work and relationships with universities, training and corporate partners. Lydia Ferguson was our Winchester Hub Programmes Manager, and a member of our Zine team alongside Fiona. Both started their social action journeys at our Hampshire Hubs.

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