Celebrating our Board this Trustees’ Week

Posted on: 8 November 2022

As a charity, one of our key support systems is our Trustee Board. Our Trustees support us to make decisions, stay on track and keep our network of people safe. We have a wide range of expertise on our Board from finances, to HR, to safeguarding, to legal, to those with a broad range of knowledge and experience in the Higher Education and student social action sectors. 

This week is Trustees’ Week – so what better time to celebrate our Board than now. 

Making a difference in changing times

The theme of this year’s Trustees’ Week is making a difference in changing times. As we move out of the pandemic this message is more relevant now than ever. Over the past two years our Board have supported us with regular meetings, implementing new ideas and being on hand whenever we needed their support and guidance. 

The landscape we work in is always shifting – new cohorts of students have different skills and expectations, and partners and communities have different needs. Our Board support us to remain flexible and relevant, and make the most of new opportunities to make an impact. This year that support has looked like reviewing our strategic approach, and exploring different ways of working like this summer’s Engage for Change project with the Open University in Wales, and One Community Forum consultancy with Leeds Conservatoire.

Introducing #TrusteeTuesday

To celebrate our Board over the next five weeks we are going to be introducing Trustees over on Insta through a #TrusteeTuesday campaign. Faustina Edward, Board member and Kingston Hub alumni, interviewed her peers and we are so excited to share with you their chats. They covered their backgrounds, motivations and highlights.

This week we’re kicking off with John Kirkland, the Chair of our Board. You can see his interview below. 

All of our Trustee interviews are available on YouTube now. View the full playlist and keep in the loop weekly with our #TrusteeTuesday series on Insta (@studenthubs). 

Sophie Payne

Sophie Payne is our Network Director, supporting Student Hubs' day-to-day operations, our people, and our internal processes. Sophie is also a Student Hubs alumni, starting her social action journey at the University of Bristol. If you have questions or want to get in touch you can email her at sophie.payne@studenthubs.org.

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