Archive: September 2022

Being Social in September

Here are some of Student Hubs good news headlines from the month to put a smile on your face.

Unsal Kaynak

Alumni, Community

Working Together and Remotely at Student Hubs

Student Hubs’ CEO and Network Director share their insights into what makes our teams work – both in person and remotely.

Simran Dhanjal-Field and Sophie Payne

People and Culture, Social Impact Careers

Knowledge Exchange Partnership with Leeds Conservatoire: Iona’s Reflections

Student Hubs has recently branched out with its knowledge exchange partnership, running a 14 week project in collaboration with Leeds Conservatoire to deliver the One Community Forum and other research activities. This is part of Student Hubs’ new strategy which involves doing more project-based and discrete work with university partners alongside our traditional Hub model.

Iona Gillies with Fiona Walsh

Higher Education, News, Social Action, Third Sector

Webinar Training for 22-23 at Student Hubs

We’re excited to share an update on our training offer for 2022-23, which is replacing our webinar and workshop format. New training cycles for students and staff to attend include Student Leadership, Campaigns & Advocacy, and Innovation.

Tackling the Climate Crisis Through Community and Collaboration

Amy Cotterell is a Biochemistry undergraduate student studying at the University of Bristol. In this paid student writer blog, she outlines what type of news and events have shaped her desire to tackle climate change, and why she believes working with our community and collaboration is the best way to make sustainable and environmental change.