Our 2022 Summer Interns

Posted on: 29 August 2022

This summer we’ve had three amazing interns join our team from Kingston University and the University of Southampton. As with last year, we wanted to share more about what our interns have been up to, celebrate their achievements and wish them well in their next steps. 

Read on to hear more about Michael, Jenifer and Mahalia. 

Interning at Student Hubs

Mahalia and Jenifer interned with Kingston Hub this June, offering support with impact analysis and communications respectively. For Mahalia this looked like giving back to the local community and the student body through identifying statistics, analysing data, reaching out to students for feedback and drafting Kingston Hub’s annual impact report (coming very soon!). For Jenifer, this included auditing the Hub’s social media engagement and developing a content strategy for the new academic year. 

Michael interned with Southampton Hub, creating a new workshop for their engineering outreach programme, Invent Plus. As well as creating the workshop Michael assisted with updating the programme’s impact analysis tools and helped find new avenues for promoting the programme amongst university students. 

To the left is a selfie of Michael in front of their laptop. To the right is a wind turbine made out of lollipop sticks and CDs.

Time to celebrate

For Student Hubs, having the opportunity to work with three new members of the team was incredible. The insights and reflections Jenifer, Michael and Mahalia brought to the organisation were invaluable, as well as bringing a lot of fresh energy to the projects they worked on. We’re incredibly grateful for their contributions, which will continue to make impact well beyond this summer. 

As well as reflecting ourselves, we asked our interns to share their highlights, and lessons, from their time at Student Hubs. Michael shared that his highlight has been “Working with a group of people very different to those I am around on my degree, and yet that I share other things in common with”.

Mahalia’s highlight was joining the team in person for Team Time, they shared ‘It was great meeting the team face-to-face and grasping the work culture at Student Hubs. Everyone was super friendly and welcoming; I feel like this experience, in particular, helped me improve my work as I felt comfortable in the workplace and around my colleagues.” 

One lesson Mahalia would like to share? “Mistakes are recoverable! I was less likely to jump in and try new things before this internship, but now I know there’s no harm in trying! Student Hubs provided a supportive environment that made me feel confident enough to push myself. It’s great to know that you can ask all of the questions you need to, free of judgement.”  

What’s next

Jenifer has spent the rest of the summer preparing for a year on placement. After which they will return to the final year of their Biological Sciences degree. 

For Mahalia, this summer has seen them complete a second internship with Black Geographers, the Royal Geographical Society, and the Society for Caribbean Studies. From September, she’ll be back at university to start their MSc in Development Studies at the London School of Economics. 

Last but not least, Michael will be returning to the University of Southampton for the second year of his degree. He’s excited to put all of the skills he’s acquired at Student Hubs to good use. 


If you’re interested in working at Student Hubs keep an eye on our Careers page, and our Instagram account, to be the first to know when we’re recruiting. 

Sophie Payne

Sophie Payne is the Network Operations Manager, she also oversees Student Hubs alumni network. If you have questions or want to get in touch you can email her at sophie.payne@studenthubs.org.

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