Fundraising for our 15th Birthday: 15 for Student Hubs Challenge

Posted on: 10 February 2022

It’s a special year for us at Student Hubs, as we look to celebrate our 15th birthday. Across our network we have been creating impact since 2007, and we felt it was important to mark this birthday.

Other celebrations are likely to be announced later in the year, however we wanted to kick off the fun with a new fundraising challenge, engaging the people who understand most closely the need to fundraise for the amazing work we do. As a result, we are launching the 15 for Student Hubs Challenge!

What is the 15 for Student Hubs Challenge?

To recognise the 15 years we have been delivering impact in the higher education sector and in our communities, we wanted to engage our supporters in a physical challenge. How you do your 15, and what it looks like, is entirely up to you. Remember our values are bold, ambitious, motivational, social and long-term: what could a challenge look like for you that shared those values?

For our CEO Sim, she is committing to taking part in 5 weeks of swimming, doing 3k a week in the pool to total 15k travelled (that’s 600 laps!).For our Partnerships and Development Director Fiona, she’ll be building up her running stamina to run 15k in one go.

You can be flexible with your 15 too – if you fancy an even bigger challenge, you could commit to cycling 150 kilometres, running 15 miles, or doing 15 unique challenges or events throughout the fundraising period.

How long are you fundraising for?

The Challenge will be launching from March and taking place until the end of June. We encourage people to commit to the Challenge from February, but you are welcome to start your challenge from March onwards: you could even do your whole challenge on one day!

How much are you aiming to raise?

We ask all of our fundraisers to set a minimum target of £250, though we encourage you to be ambitious and try raise over this amount! Your fundraising will support the sustainability of our work, and the operations and logistics which enable our programmes to thrive as high quality opportunities.

Those who have worked with us closely in the past understand the challenges which all charities face in fundraising and the importance of striving for excellence in all we do. We know these champions will do their best to raise funds and awareness for the vital work we do, whilst having fun celebrating our 15th birthday!

How can I get involved?

Interested fundraisers can go to our JustGiving page directly to start the fundraising sign up process, or follow the below tips:

  • Go to the ‘Fundraising’ button on the right side
  • Create an account if you don’t already have one for JustGiving
  • Choose an option for what type of event they are planning – you can do your own activity (JustGiving gives you examples!) or take part in the 7 Days of Orangemas
  • Fill out the relevant information
  • Your page is pre-set up with Student Hubs branding, and you can edit this page too to personalise it to your own challenge
  • You could also make a ‘team’ which links other relevant pages from other individuals – this could be useful if you’re taking on the challenge as a team or Hub committee
  • Reach out to Fiona at to let her know your page is live – she can then connect it to our Student Hubs page so your donations and motivational messages from donors come up on our Just Giving page

Can my business/organisation/staff get involved?

Yes! We would love to have you take part. You can join the Challenge through JustGiving, by making a fundraising page. See the instructions above, and you can email our Partnerships and Development Director, Fiona Walsh at for any support or communications to share with your team.

You could also match fund our fundraisers too – get in touch if you would like to do this, as match funding can increase the total amount our individual donors are likely to give.

Thank you for your support

We thank you in advance for your support with this campaign, for potentially joining us as a fundraiser or sharing, donating and cheering our fundraisers on. Let Fiona know if you have any questions by emailing her at the address above, and look out for other opportunities coming up from us to celebrate our 15th birthday.

Fiona Walsh

Fiona is Student Hubs' Partnerships and Development Director. She leads on university sales, alumni and corporate fundraising, marketing strategy and external relations. Fiona started her social action journey as a student volunteer with Southampton Hub.

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