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Posted on: 24 September 2020

Student Hubs are excited to formally relaunch our training offer, with bespoke training and packages aimed at supporting students, staff and professionals in the charity sector. 

Why now?

We are committed to sharing our expertise in working with students and designing high quality social action opportunities, and training is a fantastic way for us to work with organisations and individuals who share the same values as us. 

Our vision and mission has always been about mainstreaming student social action, supporting students to tackle social and environmental challenges and empowering them to become active citizens for life. Achieving this is not only about working through our Hub Model, but supporting and advocating for all UK universities to do this effectively for their students. Our training offer provides a way for us to support universities in achieving this vision, and allows us to share our thirteen years of expertise with the higher education sector. 

Furthermore, from behind the scenes as a charity, we have lots of experience in operations, and our approach to people and culture is an area of strength for us, as well as delivering volunteering programmes. We want to share this approach with other charities and encourage them to put their staff’s wellbeing and development at the heart of their culture. 

What are we offering for universities? 

We recognise that in this current climate, lots of universities will be aiming to provide training opportunities in various ways (including virtually) and may face challenges in how they engage students with training, or how to upskill staff to reach students to engage with volunteering offers. Our training can support universities to achieve what they need through one-off sessions or packages of delivery. 

For students: 

Engaging students with high quality training is vital to support them to make the most of their university careers, as well as provide the skills and tools necessary for them to thrive as graduates. Our extensive experience in designing and delivering in-curricular and extracurricular programmes for students means we have a wealth of training to offer. Our training is designed for students with a range of backgrounds, experiences and support or accessibility needs.

Opportunities we can offer include:

  • A one day intensive workshop in leadership called Challenge Leadership, perfect for student leaders or new sabbatical officers;
  • One hour student skills training sessions in areas such as project management, resilience, employability and public speaking, amongst others;
  • Our introduction to diversity and inclusion for students and volunteers. 

For staff:

We have a diverse range of training sessions which can support your volunteering teams to develop and grow their approach at engaging students with projects and programmes locally, including tips for doing this virtually. We have been delivering virtual programmes since March, so are able to provide a thorough insight into what works well with students in the current climate. 

Some examples of sessions we can offer includes:

  • How to Design and Run Effective Training: Train the Trainer;
  • How to Manage Student Volunteers;
  • Embedding Student Leadership into Programme Design;
  • Working with Community Partners.

What are we offering for the charity sector?

Our insight in training our Student Hubs staff team to design and deliver high quality programmes and thrive in the charity sector means we can also support your staff to professionally develop in their roles. 

Examples of sessions we can our offer for charities includes:

  • Your Guide to Recruiting Charity Sector Staff;
  • How to Induct Staff;
  • Your Guide to Effective Line Management;
  • Supporting Staff Wellbeing.

Look out in October for a blog from our Network Director, Sim Dhanjal, about our approach to people and culture at Student Hubs. 

Pricing and training enquiries 

Our prices as standard start at £250, with sessions able to be held virtually or in-person. Depending on your group size for training, pricing can be discussed and may be subject to a reduction for small groups. 

We are also interested in conducting training swaps with organisations who have expertise outside of ours on a case-by-case basis for a reduction in our usual training fees, so this may also be an option for your organisation. 

Please email our Sales Director, Fiona Walsh, at fiona.walsh@studenthubs.org to request a copy of our training brochure with our full training offer, and to talk about what our offer could look like for your organisation.

Fiona Walsh

Fiona is Student Hubs' Sales Director. She leads on university sales, alumni and corporate fundraising, marketing strategy and external relations. Fiona started her social action journey as a student volunteer with Southampton Hub.

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