Over the last eleven years, thousands of students have engaged with Student Hubs while at university. In 2016 we set up our Alumni Network and recruited a Board to support longer-term engagement in social action.

The Alumni Network serves to connect Hub alumni to each other as well as continue to support Student Hubs’ work.

Alumni Mentoring Scheme

In 2017, the Student Hubs Alumni Board launched a mentoring scheme with the aim to provide current students with one to one support on their Hub projects, with the option of receiving tailored careers advice. The scheme is also an opportunity to develop better links between alumni and current students.

Sophie from Bristol Hub shares her experience:

"I joined the Alumni Mentoring Scheme when I had no idea what I wanted to do after university, apart from that I wanted to work in the social impact sector. My mentor helped me apply for a graduate scheme in social work and coached me for my assessment centre. Thanks to his support and wealth of knowledge I am now pursuing a career in this area. The project was a great opportunity for me to learn about all the opportunities out there from someone with similar motivations and ambitions to my own."

We have an Alumni page on our website if you would like to join the Alumni Network or find out more about the Mentoring Scheme (and the Network’s Book Club!).

Alumni stories

Persephone’s story

What was your involvement with Bristol Hub?

"I was doing a degree in Animal Behaviour and Welfare Science. I got involved in Bristol Hub when I saw their Social Impact Internship Scheme advertised. This sounded like a great opportunity to get into the charity sector. When I found out which charity I would be working at, I was apprehensive as it was very different to the animal welfare charity work experience I was looking for. My feelings quickly changed when I was welcomed into the St Vincent’s Family Project team. The staff took the time to give me a better understanding of the work they were doing and the Director gave me insight into how a small charity is run. It was an incredibly rewarding internship and I was very glad I took part despite it not being the area of interest I wanted to get experience in the first place."

In what ways did your involvement have an influence on you?

"When I started my internship I began to care deeply about the vulnerable families at SVFP. This made me quickly realise that I could happily work for other types of charities where I understood and felt passion for the cause. This led me to want to broaden my career aspirations as a result of being involved with Bristol Hub. It also confirmed that I definitely wanted to work in the charity sector. The Social Impact Internship Scheme training days helped me to do this and to find some direction in where to look for charity jobs and how to increase my chances of getting a role."

How has your involvement with Student Hubs shaped your decisions or work since graduation?

"After I graduated, I managed to secure a part-time paid role with St Vincent’s Family Project for four months. As well as that, I got a paid part-time role at Social Spider CIC, who also host through the Scheme. I would not have gained either of these roles without being involved with Bristol Hub the previous summer. These were both great experiences that allowed me to gain my current role at Maggie’s.

I am so glad I got involved in the Bristol Hub and was part of the Social Impact Internship Scheme as without it, I am not sure I would have known what I wanted to do, or would have had the confidence or experience to try and pursue a career in the charity sector."

Jack’s story

What was your involvement with Winchester Hub?

"My Hub journey started when I was Communications Officer. I managed the communications channels for Winchester Hub making sure that the activities and opportunities were promoted to the student body at Winchester. This meant producing lots of different content pieces, from videos to posters and GIFs. I ran a variety of online campaigns which helped increase volunteer numbers. I wanted to make a difference to the community of Winchester, and to make sure that the issues the Hub were supporting through its projects was communicated to the whole student body.

After two years I then became Vice President of Winchester Hub. Within this role, I organised a short featurette to feature on ITV’s Good Morning Britain showcasing our incredible LinkAges project! I was also awarded the Vice Chancellor’s Community Engagement Award, which made me incredibly proud to be part of Winchester Hub."

In what ways did your involvement have an influence on you?

"My involvement had a massive impact on me - it gave me the experience of working in a communications role, gaining all of those incredible skills and applying those to a real-life situation. It also gave me a support-mechanism, knowing that there was a team of individuals who were there to support me in every way they can, it made life at Winchester incredible. But also giving back to the community was amazing!"

How has your involvement with Student Hubs shaped your decisions or work since graduation?

"I now work as Content Marketing Officer for University of Winchester, thanks to my Hub journey I have a strong understanding of how social action can make such a huge difference to the greater good."