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Posted on: 25 January 2013

It’s that time of the year again and we’re looking for our new graduate team – 10 people who will join us for 10 months in a fully funded internship to make a positive difference in the world around them and in the process access a great training programme to kickstart their career.

1. It’s a Social Space for Social Change: we believe in the power of people to work together and create an impact in the world around them, and that is exactly what you would do as part of the team. No messing around thinking it can’t be done or it shouldn’t be done – we just make it happen.

2. It’s a matter of attitude: We are optimistic, in the habit of saying yes and are not afraid to give everyone and everything a chance. You will find this (together with our jazzy carpet at Student Hubs HQ) creates a great team energy, where you can have fun and be supported to work hard.

3. A team of superheroes and secret talents: with 26 people working across the charity, 20 in the social enterprise and hundreds of student volunteers, you will find a constant source of inspiration, support and interesting conversation.

4. Size matters, and we’ve got the perfect one: we are small enough to be daring and ambitious, big enough to have impact. This means we’re small enough that you will have a say about critical decisions and ownership of your own projects, yet you will be part of a bigger movement working to engage more young people with social action.

5. We know all the cool people: well, maybe not all of them, but we have really amazing partners across many different sectors. This allows you to work across a wide range of social and environmental issues, without the pressure of choosing right away how it is that you want to make a positive impact on the world.

6. You do the real thing, from day 1: we really trust every member of the team – you’ll quickly learn what success looks like and how to get there. This means you will have real responsibility and ownership over your projects, and also have a say about the growth and development of your area of work.

7. There’s plenty of room to grow: Within the team, your position is not limited by your job description, and there is always scope to explore other projects, so that you can develop a wide range of skills and understand the bigger picture – how the organisation works, an insight into the world of charities and input into overall strategy.

8. We don’t expect you to be ‘an expert’: it’s ok to get things wrong. We want you to have courage, get out there, pilot things, fail, learn, try again, fail better, then make it happen.

9. A supportive team: we’re all in it together – both when things are going brilliantly, and when things go wrong, there is always a reason to celebrate, or a colleague to help save the day.

10. We are constantly learning: with training days, shadowing opportunities, research projects and on the job development, you won’t miss your university learning days.

11. A strong base to launch your career from: we offer you lots of opportunities and access to networks which will be useful in the long term, setting you up for an exciting career in any sector. Previous employees of Student Hubs have gone off to set up their own social enterprise, work for Oxfam, join the graduate team at Boston Consulting Group, become PR experts or travel abroad to work in the field of international development.

I’m always being asked what it is really like to join the team and hopefully the 11 reasons above will give you an insight into the programme and what you can expect if you are successful in your application. The bottom line is that we really want you to enjoy the experience and make an informed choice about joining the Hub team, so get in touch with any questions – contact your Hub Support Officer or email our recruitment team here.

The Student Hubs Graduate Scheme is now known as the Worthwhile Graduate Scheme.

Sara Fernandez

Sara is Executive Director of Student Hubs. She joined the team in 2009 in a Hub Support graduate role for Oxford Hub and also working on the Social Enterprise National Programme.

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