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Start a Hub


Partner with us to deliver social action programmes at your university.

Our key activities include Volunteering, Skilled Placements and Project Incubation.


Great for Universities

Student experience

A Hub improves students’ experience of university. Students engage with the world beyond the university through experiential learning. Building communities of likeminded individuals makes them more likely to stay at university and excel upon graduation.

Community benefit

Investing in a Hub helps universities to realise their civic role in the local community. Institutions demonstrate leadership locally, contributing to the perception of the university and its students as positive agents for change.

Opportunities for all

Our activities are tailored to ensure that they are accessible to all students, regardless of income background, race, disability or other circumstances. We support students who have never previously had the opportunity to take part in social action.


Great for students

Build a community

Build a community of like minded social leaders at your university and make ‘doing good’ the norm, not the exception. A Hub brings together pockets of students making positive social change and provides easy opportunities for anyone to get involved.

Do more good

Support other students to do more to tackle key social and environmental challenges - run conferences to inspire others, start up projects to tackle community need and devise innovative solutions to local and global issues.

Access a network

Having a Hub links you to like-minded students across the network, who meet up twice a year to plan and collaborate. You can also access our programmes, including Practical Volunteering and Skilled Placements.


Learn more about working with us in our latest brochure.



Partner on a Programme


Student Hubs also partners with universities on bespoke one-off programmes, working remotely to add value to their existing offering.

In 2017-18, we are looking for university partners for our Internship Scheme. We place students in 7 week internships with charities and social enterprises, supporting them to gain valuable workplace experience tackling social challenges.

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Student Training


Our training is specifically targeted at students. We work closely with university partners to ensure that sessions are relevant and fit with students’ personal and professional development.

Sessions include Leadership, Public Speaking, Teamwork, Communication, Employability Skills, Project Management, Time Management, Idea Generation and Problem Solving.

of attendees felt better equipped to tackle social issues


of attendees felt more motivated to tackle social issues


of attendees felt more knowledgeable about social issues

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Staff Training


We deliver workshops for university and Student Union staff, which focus on developing key management skills. Sessions include:


Running Effective Training

This day long workshop explores how to design a great training session and how
to improve delivery skills to maximise learning.


Introduction to Impact Measurement

Measuring your impact is vital to prove the value of your work and improve it in the future. This workshop will equip you to assess what’s working and invest in programmes that are delivering your desired outcomes.


Previous training partners include the University of Birmingham, the University of Essex and Royal Holloway, University of London.


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