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Start a Hub


Great for Universities

Student experience

A Hub contributes to the overall student experience. Students have the opportunity to improve their employability skills through experiential learning and opportunities to engage with the world beyond the university campus.

Community benefit

A Hub can demonstrate the university’s desire to serve the local community and increase the university’s public benefit. Through the Hub, universities will demonstrate leadership in the local community, contributing to the role of the university and its students as positive agents for change.

Giving back

In the long term, local Hubs help build a culture of philanthropy and giving back. US research shows that students who learn how to give back while they are at university are more likely to give to the causes they care about in the future. Given the long term fundraising needs of the Higher Education sector, universities have a vested interest in ensuring they are educating tomorrow’s philanthropists.


Great for students

Build a community

Build a community of like minded social leaders at your university and make ‘doing good’ the norm, not the exception. A Hub brings together pockets of students making positive social change and provides easy opportunities for anyone to get involved.

Do more good

Support other students to do more to tackle key social and environmental challenges - run conferences to inspire others, start up projects to tackle community need and devise innovative solutions to local and global issues.

Access a network

Having a Hub links you to like-minded students across the network, who meet up twice a year to plan and collaborate. You can also access our programmes, including Practical Volunteering and Skilled Placements.


Student Training


Our training is specifically targeted at students, working closely with university partners to ensure that sessions are relevant and fit with students’ personal and professional development. Our programme includes the following sessions: Leadership, Volunteer Management, Effective Communications, Marketing, Project Management, Public Speaking, Budgeting & Fundraising, Impact Measurement.

of attendees felt better equipped to tackle social issues


of attendees felt more motivated to tackle social issues


of attendees felt more knowledgeable about social issues

View our student training brochure.



Staff Training


We deliver workshops to staff – focusing on how to effectively engage and train students, support students who want to volunteer internationally, and measure the impact of their activities. We also work with universities on discrete consultancy projects – focusing on student engagement and impact measurement.


How to Run Effective Training

This day long workshop explores how to design a great training session and how
to improve delivery skills, to maximise student learning. Student Hubs has delivered our one-day workshop on How to Run Effective Training for the past
2 years to over 60 attendees from student volunteering and student activities teams.


Supporting International Volunteering Training

We developed Impact International, a UK-wide programme, to help prepare students to choose sustainable international volunteering projects that will provide positive outcomes for them and their host community. This training day informs staff about the benefits and complexities of volunteering overseas, and specifically focuses on the best ways to support students who may be considering voluntary activity abroad.


Intro to Impact Training

Measuring your impact is vital to proving the value of your work and improving upon it in the future. A robust impact measurement system allows you to assess what’s working, divert resources away from failing projects and invest in programmes that are delivering your desired outcomes.




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