Our Hubs organise more events each year than you can shake a stick at – over 490 in 2014-15. We bring together the pioneers of social enterprise, global development, sustainability and youth leadership with the next generation of leaders, consumers and decision-makers.



Hub Conferences


Our Hubs organise inspiring conferences, including the Bristol Futures Forum, the Cambridge International Development Conference, the London International Development Conference and the Oxford Climate Forum. You can find out more about upcoming events on our Hub websites.


Case Study: Madlaina Michelotti, Environment and Sustainability Coordinator, Southampton Hub

“I initially became involved with Southampton Hub’s Sustainability Festival committee in my first year. I really enjoyed being able to work towards a common goal with like-minded people who valued my input and opinions. After pulling off a successful event, and eager to have an even greater impact in our community, I realised there were things I wanted to change, improve and expand on.

In my second year, I became the Environment and Sustainability Coordinator and shaped the Sustainability Festival according to my vision. Now, in 2015/16, I am continuing in this role for a second year, due to my desire to see the Sustainability Programme at Southampton grow. Feeling confident in organising the Sustainability Festival means I also have the time and ability to focus my energy on organising workshops and film screenings, running projects like HEAT and launching new projects like Bio-Cycle to tackle food waste.”





Emerge brings together over 500 university students, young professionals, activists, entrepreneurs and global change-agents leading social ventures. Emerge is about “what’s next”: the big ideas, the future leaders and the driving forces challenging the status quo. It brings to the forefront that which is emerging: new models, markets and movers of transformational change.

Over the two-day gathering, participants learn from sector leaders about innovations addressing some of the world’s most urgent challenges. Emerge centres on learning and action; it is a space to gain skills and resources to launch a new venture, to design career pathways, and to provoke new ideas for creating a more sustainable world. The event is co-designed and co-organised by Student Hubs and The Skoll Centre for Social Entrepreneurship at Oxford University’s Saïd Business School.

Visit the Emerge website to find out more.