Student Hubs is delighted to be hosting the 2023 National Societies & Volunteering Awards (NSVAs), in partnership with our friends at Organised Fun

The National Societies & Volunteering Awards recognise the contributions of student volunteers and student-led societies from UK higher and further education institutions. This year Student Hubs are hosting the awards, after 15 years of supporting students to engage with social action we are so excited to be celebrating the achievements of the 2022/23 cohort!

If you’re interested in learning more, read about the previous winners in 2020, 2021 and 2022. This year, the NSVAs will be taking place on Tuesday 23rd May at Reading University Students’ Union at the University of Reading. You can find out more about the Awards and get your ticket on Eventbrite today.

Nominations are now open

Do you know an amazing student volunteer? Been working with a fantastic society committee? Now’s the chance to get them recognised through the National Societies and Volunteering Awards. Make your nomination before 22 March.  

Anyone can nominate either a student, or a student group, for one of this year’s eight awards. So whether you’re a student, you work at a university or you are a member of the public – make your nomination today. Nominations will be shortlisted by the Student Hubs team and go to our judging panel of professionals across the country. Don’t forget to be as specific as possible when evidencing why your nominee should win the award.

What are the awards?

The Wellbeing Award. Recognising those individuals, societies or projects that have championed student wellbeing. Student volunteering and societies provide a crucial space for students to feel comfortable, do what they love and make friends – and this awards celebrates the importance that has on wellbeing.

The Event Award. Recognising a brilliant event organised by a society or volunteering team. This event doesn’t have to be large-scale with a huge budget. We are just as interested in smaller scale events – as long as they made a difference to attendees. We’re looking for real innovation and a fantastic experience for attendees. 

The Extra Mile Award. Recognising someone that has overcome significant challenges to volunteering or society involvement. We know that thousands of students volunteer despite personal difficulties, and we want to showcase some of these students. The winning student doesn’t need to have done 100s of hours volunteering but they need to have had an impact on those around them.

The Opportunities for All Award. Recognising those that are engaging more students, encouraging wider participation and helping to dismantle barriers. This award is about equity, equality, inclusion, diversity and liberation work.

The Collaboration Award. Recognising those that have worked alongside others to achieve something special, the collaboration award celebrates students who have worked together, across different groups or teams. We know that collaboration takes work, time and dedication but can have a huge impact. We are particularly interested in new collaborations – so this is the first time you’ve worked together.

The Community Award. Recognising those individuals, societies or projects that have had positive, meaningful impact on a wider community. For this award “community” could be the student community in their university or college, or could be the local, national or international community. 

The Development Award. Recognising outstanding development opportunities created through student volunteering and societies. We want all volunteering and society involvement to give students chances to develop confidence, new skills and have new experiences. These will help students to grow and to achieve their full potential.

The Committee Excellence Award. Recognising the teamwork and achievements of a committee of a society or volunteering project. This award is for those outstanding teams who work together effectively, perhaps have overcome difficulties as a committee or have just been outstanding this year.

How do I make a nomination?

To make a nomination complete the nomination form before 22 March, answering the following questions:

Make a nomination for the NSVAs »


Are the awards for volunteers or societies?

All categories are open to both societies and volunteers. The Extra Mile category is the only category specifically for an individual.

Who should make the nominations?

Anyone! Although we recommend getting support from your volunteer centre, students’ union or volunteer leader as they often have lovely things to say about you/your project and will write a fantastic nomination!

What can I do to make my nomination stand out?

Provide as much detail as possible for the judging panel on what your nominee has achieved (as an individual or a society) and the impact of that

How do I win?

Nominations are long listed by a panel of sector experts, then sent to the judging panels. The judging panel for each award has representation from student leaders and sector experts in volunteering, student engagement and societies. They decide the Winner and 2 Runners Up per category.

What do I win?

All Winners receive a trophy and all Winners and Runners Up also receive a certificate. We also showcase your efforts on social media and to the press!

How do I attend the Awards?

You can find out more about the Awards and accompanying development afternoon on Eventbrite. Tickets are available from £30 plus fees.

I’m a business or institution interested in supporting the Awards, what should I do?

Reach out to our Partnerships and Development Director, Fiona Walsh, to chat at

I have a question which hasn’t been answered here, what should I do?

Send the Student Hubs team a message at


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