Student Hubs runs programmes in partnership with universities to enhance student experience, develop employability and improve student retention.


Great for universities 


Student experience

A Hub improves students’ experience of university by creating connections with like-minded students and the community, and engaging in practical experience of tackling social issues in university communities. In 2020-21, 92% of students agreed their university experience was enhanced by taking part in our Hub activities and 33% agreed participating with the Hub increased their engagement with their course.

Community benefit

Our role in recruiting community organisations to work with students through our programmes adds capacity to university staff and helps our university partners build on their civic responsibilities and knowledge exchange, as well as creating work-based learning opportunities for students.

Opportunities for all

We work alongside your existing university staff teams to engage student groups who may need support in access, building confidence, or finding opportunities. Designing accessible programmes is at the core of what we bring to your institution.



Following the pandemic, a focus for universities on access, retention, and employability skills is more vital than ever. Student Hubs’ model serves these priorities and a partnership with us supports you to address issues relating to student experience, retention and skills now and in the future. Our model is adaptable which means we can react quickly, delivering programmes which directly target student groups most in need of intervention.



Great for students 


Skill up

Through our practical programmes and student leadership framework, students develop their confidence, leadership skills and employability, giving them the tools to make a real difference to their university careers and beyond.

Make a difference

All of our programmes are designed to benefit both local communities and the students involved. Students can take part in a range of diverse in-curricular and extracurricular activities that support local communities to tackle social and environmental challenges.

Access a network

Our position as a network of five university partners allows us to pilot new initiatives and scale successful work at other Hub locations with ease, and students benefit from being connected to an alumni network of like-minded individuals in various industries and sectors.


Get started 


Student Hubs’ delivery is an integral part of university strategies which aim to improve engagement and results in access and participation, knowledge exchange, retention and skills at a low cost.

Our programmes are easily scaled and ready to launch, as they have pre-designed frameworks. Furthermore, Student Hubs provides a dedicated staff team which are supported through our own recruitment, training and HR processes, and our model means we can identify what programmes and engagement will be most appropriate for different university partners and deliver according to this need.



To discuss how we can partner with your university and to request a Hub Sales Brochure or Training Sales Brochure, please get in touch with our Partnerships and Development Director, Fiona Walsh at:


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