We are committed to sharing our expertise in working with students, designing high-quality social action opportunities, and building inclusive staff cultures. We have a targeted training offer for students, staff and charity sector professionals, with prices starting from £300 for an hour session.


Student Hubs’ Training Offer

Our Student and Staff Webinar Series

Over the 2021-22 academic year, we will be running a series of ticketed webinars and workshops for staff in the university and charity sector, with prices starting at just £20, and a free line-up for students.


These 1-hour sessions enable you to learn best practice, ask questions and reflect on embedding learnings and actions into your work.

Staff Webinars are £20.


Our 2-hour workshops are spaces to network amongst peers, learn best practice, discuss and share challenges with others, and take part in guided activities which will support your work.

Staff Workshops are £35.


If you are interested in buying access to all of our 2021-22 webinars and workshops (including recordings and resource/activity sheets), you can for the low price of £200.

Email Partnerships and Development Director for more information.

Student webinar and workshops are free of charge for any UK student (including non-Hub universities), to support our vision for engaging every student in social action at university and beyond. Read our blog for more information the line-up this academic year.

Training Junior/Early Career Staff

Our insight in training our Student Hubs staff team to design and deliver high quality programmes and thrive in the charity and volunteering sector means we can also support your staff to professionally develop in their roles. With our Worthwhile Training Programme, you can support staff in a six-month training programme to develop staff at entry-level (recent graduate) to junior manager level (around 2 years’ experience) staff.

On the new starter strain of the programme, they will have monthly training sessions and access to peer support, allowing them to engage with a cohort of peers from across the sector. Training topics include workplace skills, leadership, communications, and resilience and growth.

There is also a separate strain of the programme, which involves your organisation staff/team who are supporting your new starter. Training offered includes Unconscious Bias, Accessible Communications and Line Management Training, designed to support your own recruitment, induction and support processes as your new starter settles in.

We are currently looking for 5 organisations to sign up to our latest cohort, launching in January. Get in touch with Partnerships and Development Director, Fiona Walsh at fiona.walsh@studenthubs.org by the end of November.

Read more about our Worthwhile Programme. We also offer the opportunity for bespoke charity sector training such as recruiting and inducting staff effectively, and supporting staff wellbeing. For more information, please contact fiona.walsh@studenthubs.org.

Our Bespoke Offer

Staff Training

We have a diverse range of training sessions which can support your teams to develop and grow their approach at engaging students and young people with projects and programmes locally, including tips for doing this virtually. Some examples of sessions we can offer includes:

We also have a comprehensive package for Equality, Diversity and Inclusion, with sessions such as Introduction to Diversity and Inclusion, LGBTQ+ Training, Accessible Programme Design and Unconscious Bias.

Read more about our offer on our Training Offer.

Student Training

Engaging students with high quality training is vital to support them to make the most of their university careers, and set themselves up for success when graduating. Our training is designed for students with a range of backgrounds, experiences and support or accessibility needs to thrive.

Opportunities we can offer include:

Read more about our offer on our Training Offer.

To find out more about our training offer, email:


We look forward to hearing from you.