In our Kingston Hub, we work with several schools to tackle educational inequality within the community. Simret Kidane, a head teacher at Gheez Rite Supplementary School, shares their experience working with Student Hubs and what it means to their students:

“It is encouraging the kids to learn to give back: the volunteering students are role models for them in that sense. A sense of community is created…

Kids are supported to gain knowledge and understand subjects at a deeper level from people who are skilled and getting higher qualifications…

The fact that the sessions are delivered 1:1 and 1:2, pupils get more attention and tailored support.

We provide learning resources but our kids do not have access to 1:1 tutors if it wasn’t for the Schools+ project. Schools+ fits within the type of services and support we provide as a Supplementary School.”

We would not be able to do our projects without the community partnerships we hold. Together, we can ensure to maintain both communities and students benefiting from our projects.

Across services in our communities we are hearing the same stories: demand is high, and resource is low. Now more than ever effective partnership work is crucial to ensuring that all individuals have access to what they need. Our model works because we benefit from the expertise of a network, whilst still being embedded as Hubs in our local community. This means that our team have been able to get out and about to network with partners, listen to them, and get hands on in setting the foundations of effective partnership work.

In 2021 – 22


of partners agreed that the students added a new perspective to their activity.


of partners agreed the work the Hub did was tailored to their needs


of partners agreed that working with the Hub gave them a sense of connection to the student community

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