Samuel Hall is in year two of becoming a general classroom assistant! In his volunteering at Southampton Hub, Sam helped with a reading group at St. Denys Primary School. Here he talks about his experience:


“I got involved as I wanted to experience and get a feel for teaching and making a difference in the community.

I have definitely gained more confidence in trying new things that I probably wouldn’t have signed up for in college… Helping to teach a class is something I had never done before so the opportunity allowed me to step out of my comfort zone!

It definitely [also] made me enjoy university more. Having something different from lectures and seminars to do each week and to focus my mind on a different challenge. It’s made me more organised with planning my university work and working in my part time job.

Helping the school has generally made me happier as I feel like I’m making a difference in the children’s life… It’s made me more conscious mentally of issues that may come about [for young people].”

This highlights our first achievement this year, enhancing the student experience! In 2021 -22:


of students felt they connected to their local community through Student Hubs


of students agreed participating increased their engagement with their university course


of students agreed the activity offered them access to opportunities they wouldn’t have otherwise had.


Our programmes exist as part of a whole university experience, made up of lots of different elements of student life. Like Sam, many students who engage with us feel it gives them access to opportunities and builds confidence in the skills they gain!


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