Branch Up provides extra-curricular sports and cultural activity days on Saturdays for children ages 7-11. Each child is paired with a volunteer who acts as a mentor and positive role model throughout the day – 80% of volunteers observed an increase in young people’s self-belief.

It was great that, at the heart of the programme, aims were for the children to improve their outcomes and confidence/self-esteem. I feel the children benefited from the time, skills and energy given by those who obviously wanted to make a difference for our children. The children were able to engage in activities they might otherwise not have had the chance to do and have helped to develop their relationships and confidence. Schools have noticed an improvement in the behaviour of these children. The programme was fully funded which meant it was accessible to some of our vulnerable families/children who might not have been able to understand these activities if there was a cost involved.”

Branch Up Active Community Partner, Bristol

Empower provides 1-on-1 mentoring for 11-15 year olds for six week periods. During these sessions, young people are partnered with a volunteer who supports them to try new activities and sports throughout structured discussions and mentoring exercises. 82% of volunteers noticed an increase in confidence in young people in making decisions about their future.

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