Since 2017 we have been funded by the UPP Foundation to deliver the One Community Forum project, bringing together universities, students and local communities. Sitting at the intersection of these groups allows us to take a unique position hosting spaces focused on making real positive change in our shared local areas.


In 2020, we held our third and final One Community Forum virtually! This meant we could bring together stakeholders from all five of our Hubs to discuss a national topic: how university students could support their communities to tackle challenges relating to educational attainment since the impact of Covid-19.

From this One Community Forum:


 new initiative and projects were    created!


students were engaged in the activities and projects.


young people’s educational attainment was being supported.

One of our new initiatives is DigiDonors, a Southampton Hub project aimed at tackling digital exclusion. The project began when David, a student and Schools Plus volunteer, was motivated to close the digital poverty gap in the city by re-purposing unused laptops and donating them to young people to support their learning from home. Since February 2021, the team have received 39 laptops, donating 17 of them to local children and 14 to Jamie’s Computers, one of our partners in the city.

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