We are proud of what we have achieved together with students, community partners and universities. This year marks the midway point in our 2015-20 Strategy. As a staff team we revisited the Strategy this summer and honed our priorities moving forward in order to continue to build on our impact and growth.

Our priorities for 2018-19:

1. Meet universities’ emerging priorities

We strive to put social action at the heart of the student experience. This year 83% of students agreed that taking part in our activities enhanced their university experience. Student Hubs programmes add value to the Higher Education Sector and we will aim to scale our excellent work that focuses on supporting universities to improve outcomes in recruitment, retention, attainment and employability of students.

2. Diversifying our partnership services

With over eleven years of institutional knowledge, we are in a strong position to share our learning and practice with more university volunteering bodies and social enterprise departments across the country. We will invest in sharing this learning through resources, training and consultancy opportunities for new and existing partners. We will also explore how we can facilitate shared learning and professional networks across the sector.

3. Consolidate student and graduate social action journey

We are thrilled to merge the Worthwhile Graduate Scheme into Student Hubs this year. In doing so, we will strengthen and better streamline the student and graduate social action journey. We will consolidate existing programmes and adapt others to ensure our work is achieving our graduate outcomes.

4. Measuring impact and improving programme quality

We constantly strive to prove and improve the quality of our programmes thereby increasing our impact. We are now taking part in Generation Change’s ‘Impact Accelerator’ using GC’s and the Dartington Trust’s tools to analyse the impact of our new sports programme.

We will be able to apply the tools and lessons learnt to other programmes across the organisation, developing a toolkit for Network Leads to implement and gaining a better understanding of the key areas of focus for improvement.

A change of leadership

This autumn Student Hubs welcomed Charlie Hamilton to the role of CEO, replacing Francis Wight who has been involved with our work for over seven years. We are grateful to Francis for his contribution to the organisation and excited for what comes next under Charlie’s direction. Both have reflected on this stage of the organisation’s journey below:

Francis Wight: "Developing the next generation of social leaders has always been at the heart of Student Hubs' mission and vision. Since I first started volunteering with the organisation back in March 2011, it has been incredible to work with so many young people who are passionate about working with their communities to change them for the better. It is great testament to the work of Student Hubs that so many of these students have gone on to dedicate their early careers to social change.

"I am delighted that, as I move on from the organisation, that commitment to supporting the student social action journey - from a student coming to their first Freshers fair, right through to graduates looking to start out in the social impact sector - has been reinvigorated, with the reintegration of the Worthwhile graduate scheme. With a new leader joining a fantastic, talented team, I'm really looking forward to seeing what’s next for Student Hubs."

Charlie Hamilton: "I am excited to be joining Student Hubs at this pivotal moment in its development. It’s time to look forward to the next five to ten years of this award-winning youth social action charity; I can’t wait to get started. The organisation is in good shape, and we truly appreciate Francis Wright’s leadership that led us to this moment. What stands out to me the most as I’ve gotten to know this special organisation is our people. What we do is vital, how we do it even more so. But none of this is possible without the collaboration of an exceptional team with a values-based, performance-driven and community-focused culture. Student Hubs’ values are practised and tangible and it’s a team I am incredibly proud to be a part of."

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This report was written by Lydia Hodgins, Catherine Mitchell and Fatima Iftikhar. It was designed by Graham Read.


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