Our programmes are shaped and run by students who give their time, skills and enthusiasm to make a difference in their local communities.

Community partners provide invaluable insight into local social issues and their partnership helps projects to positively affect beneficiaries.

University partners fund and support high quality social action that benefits their students and the local area.

Here are some of their stories:

Joy Carter

University of Winchester Vice-Chancellor

“The University of Winchester is world leading in values-driven higher education and our mission is: To educate, to advance knowledge and to serve the common good. Our motto is, in Old English, ‘wisdom ond lar’ which means wisdom and learning. The work of the Hub therefore is right at the heart of this institution.

The Hub has been invaluable in engaging with the community, in inspiring volunteering, in raising aspirations among young people, and challenging educational disadvantage. It is our ambition that our graduates will leave us as responsible citizens with the inspiration to make the world a better place. The projects of the Hub are such an important part of that aspiration, and the support that the Hub has given to our students is helping to broaden their horizons and equip them with the experience and outlook they will need in both employment and in public life, whatever they go on to do.”


Rosy Scholes

Just Eat It Coordinator, Bristol Hub

“I left university in my first year due to social anxiety, but coming back and coordinating Just Eat It has boosted my confidence massively. It has completely turned my university experience around. It has opened so many doors for me too, even resulting in some paid work. I would recommend working on a Bristol Hub project to anyone!”


Kane Howden

LinkAges Volunteer, Kingston Hub

“Volunteering with LinkAges has set me up for my master’s. I’ve always had a passion for neurological science, but actually seeing people with conditions like dementia is different. I’ve got even more passion now. If one day I could work out a cure for these types of conditions, volunteering will have been the first step.”



Parent of Branch Up Oxford beneficiary

“My child is a friendly, outgoing and sociable young man. Branch Up has always helped facilitate this. He looks forward to every session. He loves the fact that he has 1-1 contact with his mentor. He has expressed his wish to go to university and wants to be a pianist. He is already working towards this.”


Ben Kahn

Co-Founder, Spiral Skills, SIP Host

“We had heard good things about Student Hubs and thought getting involved with some bright young sparks was a no brainer. The SIP allowed our small start up the capacity to look in depth at a piece of work we needed to do but wouldn’t have time to do otherwise. Working with Kingston Hub was also attractive because we hoped to recruit students as mentors for the people on our programmes.

Overall, it was a very positive experience. The students brought great energy and the process was tailored to our needs. Their report was insightful and we learned a lot from our team about the apprenticeship levy in a national context. The students’ research has already helped us to pitch to Teach First.”


Jane Rich

Managing Director, Cambridge Community Arts, SIP Host

“The SIP gave me the confidence to continue with the initiative which until that stage had only been an idea in my head. By explaining my problem to the student team, I gained a better understanding of what I was hoping to do, even before I was presented with their findings.

After the SIP, I worked with a professional coach who mirrored the information provided by the SIP team. I have now re-organised my business into two halves, applied for charitable status, am currently recruiting, and have my first corporate client.”


Ella Irwin

SIIS Intern at Transition Cambridge

“I worked with Transition Cambridge to revamp their food-related website pages. This involved learning to code websites, visiting lovely community gardens to collect information and presenting this in an engaging way.

The Internship Scheme allowed me to do something worthwhile for the organisation and advance my abilities. I learned how to take initiative, deal with setbacks and restructure my plans. The support from the Cambridge Hub and Transition Cambridge has been brilliant.”


Ali Stripling

Corporate Volunteering & Engagement Manager, ARM, SIIS Host

“Emily has made a significant contribution to the work we do at ARM, developing resources that will have a long-term positive impact in local communities. Emily has needed little support during her six weeks with us and her capability has enabled her to work independently, using her own initiative.

Emily is bright, ambitious and personable. It has been great to see her confidence improve as she has adapted to the team and culture at ARM. Emily has been able to bring ideas and different insights to the projects that she has delivered with us. Emily has completed her work with thought, care and within timescales provided. We have found Emily’s support invaluable.”


Monica Carp

LinkAges beneficiary, Retirement village resident

“I wanted to interact with younger people because I think it’s good for us older folk. I think the whole idea of the Hub and the skills swapping is great. The students teach us about IT and we teach them things like sewing, knitting and crocheting, while having a good chat and a cup of tea. I have very much enjoyed it.”


Ruby Wilson

Schools Plus Volunteer, Southampton Hub

“I started volunteering with Schools Plus at the start of my second year of university, keen to gain experience in the hope of one day becoming a teacher. My role involved helping a class of year two students with their literacy and supporting pupils who were struggling with reading.

Schools Plus has allowed me to gain classroom experience and build relationships with students and staff that have reminded me why I decided to go into teaching. The school welcomed me with open arms and it was tough to walk out of the gates at the end of the year. I am so excited to start my new role as Coordinator of the Schools Plus programme for my university. I hope to help others to enjoy their Schools Plus experience as much as I have.”


Rochelle Watson

SIP Participant, Kingston Hub

“I would like to encourage other students with disabilities to get involved in the Social Innovation Programme. Embrace your disability – your disability is not you. When you take part in opportunities like the SIP, you’ll find that you are capable of so much more than you thought. There is support from Hub staff throughout and they are more than happy to help out on an individual level.”


Therese Reinheimer-Jones

Head of Careers and Employability Service, Kingston University

“Kingston Hub has plugged into what lies beneath our diverse student body and that is the desire to find out more about how they can make a difference and a passion to make change in their University, local community and essentially their own lives and future beyond Kingston.

Schools Plus has offered many students with a thirst to teach or support young people the chance to realise this in a school that is in their local community. Social Impact Careers offers the chance to get behind the scenes of a sector that many of our students want to know more about and with Kingston Hub we are now able to grow the information around social entrepreneurship and offer real life insights into what this means whilst showing our students that they may already be working in their community as a real change maker and a social entrepreneur in the making!”