We are proud of the impact that students have had in their communities through taking part in our programmes this year. In 2017-18, we will be building on 10 years of student social action to improve on and expand our impact.

Our priorities for 2017-18:

1. Addressing community need

Since implementing our new Theory of Change in 2015, we have worked extensively to measure and improve our student outcomes. We are delighted with the results. Over the next year we will be turning our focus to community partners to ensure that our programmes are targeting local community challenges that students are well placed to address. That means:

Better consultation with local councils and community organisations to determine areas of community need. We are working with the UPP Foundation to do just this.

Better communicating our value and range of programme offers to community partners.

Better tailoring our programmes to ensure they have a double benefit.

2. Building new university partnerships

It has now been 10 years since a group of students set up the Oxford Hub and Student Hubs was born. We are ready to build on our track record of delivering high quality social action across a range of universities and we are looking to form new partnerships with universities in a range of different ways.

Delivering culture change through our Hubs - providing high quality social action programmes on the ground.

Delivering one off programmes and tailored training to students - specific interventions to enhance the student experience.

Delivering support for staff supporting social action - through training and consultancy.

3. Developing a digital platform fit for the future

This month, Generation Z will be going to university for the first time. This generation, born at the turn of the millennium, has grown up with smart phones, widespread internet and social media usage, and personalised and customised digital marketing. We have invested significant resources in building our digital platform over the last few years, and we will continue to do so to ensure it fits the needs of this new generation.

This means building a platform that aligns seamlessly with our impact measurement framework. It must be easy to use and manage volunteers through. It must also provide a clear and attractive user experience for students. Watch this space.

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Partnership opportunities include:

Setting up a Hub

Running a programme

Key skills training for students and staff

Advertising to students

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This report was written by Molly Whyte, Catherine Mitchell, Francis Wight and Fatima Iftikhar. It was designed by Graham Read.


Molly Whyte // Chris Lacey // The Rothschild Foundation // Kingston Hub // Oxford Hub // Southampton Hub // Graham Read

Thank you to all our partners:

National partners: Pears Foundation, Rank Foundation, Dulverton Trust, The Henry Smith Charity, UPP Foundation, Charlotte Hill and Step Up To Serve, Generation Change, Student Volunteering Network, National Union of Students.

Trustees: Trewin Restorick, Jenny Ekelund, Bonnie Chiu, Brian Trotman, Dave Hillyard, Dave Jarman, Tasha Unwin.

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