This is the first year that we have measured our new student and community outcomes. We’re happy with both the response rate and the content of those responses.

However, we know we can keep making our work more effective. In 2016-17 we will focus on three key improvements to prove our Theory of Change.

1. Measuring Graduate Outcomes

Our Theory of Change emphasises the importance of long-term impact, which we will be measuring for the first time in 2016-17 through our graduate outcomes. Our Alumni Network is growing and we will soon have an Alumni Board to focus on maintaining the Hub community after graduation. This will allow us to measure our long-term impact on young people who take part in our programmes. As a result of participating in Student Hubs activities, graduates will be more likely to:


Be confident that they can make a difference

Express social views

Pursue a career in ‘social impact’

Engage in philanthropy

2. Ensuring our opportunities are accessible to all students

We believe that every student should participate in social action, positively impacting their community at university and beyond. We are therefore committed to improving the inclusivity and accessibility of our programmes for all students, including those with protected characteristics. We monitor and evaluate equal opportunities data from all of the students who take part in our activities to identify trends, areas of best practice and barriers to participation. In 2016-17 we will also anonymously analyse equal opportunities data against outputs and outcomes data to better understand the students who participate in our activities, and the impact of our activities on them.

3. Improving collection and measurement

We’ve worked with The Social Investment Consultancy for the last eighteen months to update our theory of change, outputs, outcomes and impact measurement framework. We’re continuously improving our data collection and measurement methods to prove and improve our work. In 2016-17 we are focussing on improving evaluation skills and access to data for our local staff teams and student leaders so that they can monitor their progress and make evidence-led decisions about programme design and improvement themselves.

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This report was written by The Social Investment Consultancy, Francis Wight, Molly Whyte and Rachel Tait (Student Hubs). It was designed by Graham Read.


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