We support Hubs at 10 different universities across the UK, engaging students in a wide range of social action activities. Our Hubs offer students the opportunity to engage with social and environmental challenges, affecting their local, national and international communities.

We offer students the opportunity to actively engage with social and environmental challenges, in their local, national and international communities.

Our approach is based on the ‘double benefit model’: all of our activities are designed to benefit both students themselves, and their local community. This approach is aligned with the 6 quality principles developed by the social action experts, Generation Change and Step Up To Serve.


We challenge students to critically engage with the issues they are tackling, and to become leaders for the causes they are passionate about.


We were established by students, for students, and student leadership is at the core of what we do: all of our Hubs are led by student committees.


We are committed to ongoing monitoring and evaluation in order to prove and improve the impact of our activities.


Our range of activities ensure that students are able to progress from one challenge to the next, further developing their skills and confidence as social leaders.


Our Hubs are tailored to the needs of each University and its student body, ensuring that student social action becomes a core part of the student experience.


We encourage students to reflect on their social action activities as they progress through university, critically engaging with causes and self-evaluating their personal impact.

Why is our approach so effective? Student Hubs is unique in being:

Holistic approach

We’re not defined by a single cause; our aim is to support students to find theirs. Hubs give students the opportunity to get involved with a wide range of opportunities, and bring together a community of students who have an impact in a variety of ways depending on their skills, interests and the needs of their local community.

Tailored to the individual

Every student is different and needs individualised support and advice to make the most of their social action experience. We are able to offer one-to-one support for students, making our approach particularly effective and rewarding for those that engage in our activities.

Supported by a great team

We’re a young, vibrant team full of recent graduates who all have personal experience of student social action. We love supporting students to get as much out of their university experience as we did.

Every university is unique and has its own values, culture and community need, so we tailor our approach in each Hub accordingly.

Here's what our university partners have to say:

Joy Carter, Vice Chancellor, University of Winchester

"The University of Winchester is world leading in values-driven higher education, with a mission to educate, to advance knowledge and to serve the common good. Social justice is one of our core values and the integration of Winchester Hub into the life of the University has done so much to advance our work in this area.

The Hub has been invaluable in engaging with the community, in inspiring volunteering, in raising aspirations among young people, and challenging educational disadvantage. It is our ambition that our graduates will leave us as responsible citizens with the inspiration to make the world a better place. The projects of the Hub are such an important part of that aspiration, and the support that the Hub has given to our students is helping to broaden their horizons and equip them with the experience and outlook they will need in both employment and in public life, whatever they go on to do.

The Hub has the wholehearted support of the University community and I look forward to seeing it develop and flourish in the coming years."

Therese Reinheimer-Jones, Head of Careers and Employability Service, Kingston University

"The introduction of Student Hubs to Kingston University has diversified the offer for our students and allowed us to capacity build in some really critical areas.

Kingston Hub has plugged into what lies beneath our diverse student body and that is the desire to find out more about how they can make a difference and a passion to make change in their University, local community and essentially their own lives and future beyond Kingston.

Schools Plus has offered many students with a thirst to teach or support young people the chance to realise this in a school that is in their local community. Social Impact Careers offers the chance to get behind the scenes of a sector that many of our students want to know more about and with Kingston Hub we are now able to grow the information around social entrepreneurship and offer real life insights into what this means whilst showing our students that they may already be working in their community as a real change maker and a social entrepreneur in the making!

We look forward to year two of Kingston Hub and all of the developments on the great work already started."

Nick Snow, Student Development Manager, Imperial College Union

"Imperial Hub staff and their volunteers deliver unique opportunities in which Imperial College Union members can engage. The scale and scope of their activities has evolved year on year introducing new streams of work and activities that tap into the Imperial community’s skill sets and interests, providing a wealth of volunteering opportunities to our members via Community Connections.

Their programmes encourage members to make a lasting impact within the community, whether this is on campus through environmental initiatives, via the 200+ Schools Plus volunteers tutoring in the surrounding boroughs or by inspiring hundreds of Imperial students into action at the London International Development Conference.

As a strategic partnership Imperial Hub strengthens the Union’s offer to our membership, enhancing the student experience and supporting our vision to be recognised as leaders in student development and engagement."