We have a comprehensive approach to fundraising that aligns with our vision and mission.




Student Hubs’ Funding Blueprint


Student Hubs receives funding from a variety of sources:

– Our University partners, who support our presence on campus and fund the social action opportunities that we provide to their students.

– Our Corporate partners, who recognise that funding social action is so important in developing key skills and attitudes of students and graduates, which then benefit the businesses that recruit them.

– Our Trust and Foundation partners, who agree that in order to effect any real social change, they need to invest in the core infrastructure and development of the organisations responsible for mobilising a critical mass of young changemakers.

– Our staff, who generate income from services rendered, through training, advertising, and recruitment services. This helps fund our overheads.

– Our students, who work together to bring about positive change to their local communities and are dedicated to raising additional funds for local projects through conferences, community fundraising and on-campus collections.

– Our individual donors, who donate to our work on a one-off or regular basis and support us to continue to meet our vision and mission for students.

– Our local authorities, who recognise the significant opportunity for greater community cohesion when students and local residents come together through projects.


We would like to extend our sincere thanks to all of our funders for their support. They have helped to ensure that our Hub students have passed through our universities with greater awareness, understanding and commitment to social issues. They have supported students to work with local communities, improving residents’ quality of life. Since graduating, these students have become charity and social enterprise leaders, changemakers within businesses, engineers, teachers and more – adults who are continuing to care about their communities and make a positive difference to our society in their daily lives.


If you are not yet a funder but feel passionate about systemic social change and developing the next generation of socially impactful leaders, we would love to hear from you. Get in touch by emailing fiona.walsh@studenthubs.org. You can also donate here.


Our latest accounts are available to view on the Charity Commission website.