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Can Students change the way our generation thinks about Mental Health?

I am a PhD student at Oxford University and I’ve been volunteering in the area of student mental health for…

SVW 2013: Volunteering at home and abroad

International Volunteering is an increasingly popular way to see the world for young travellers. Volunteering locally before you go is…

SVW 2013: Volunteering and the Big Society

Student Volunteering Week is a nationwide celebration of student volunteering, taking place from the 11th to the 16th February. At…

Rachael Corbishley

Policy, Social Action, Student Voice

SVW 2013: Celebrating student volunteers

For many people, student volunteering has become a concept consigned to earlier decades of revolution, free love and CND marches….

10 songs to make Social Change to

Be sure to check out 10 more songs to make Social Change to for even more inspiration, and if you’re…

Laura Steele

Social Action

11 reasons to work at Student Hubs

It’s that time of the year again and we’re looking for our new graduate team – 10 people who will…

Sara Fernandez

Social Impact Careers

Doing business the sustainable way

I work in tourism and I set up social enterprises in all the countries where I send clients. It’s a…

What’s it all about?

Last week we celebrated the fifth birthday of our oldest university branch, the Oxford Hub. There was much to celebrate…

Adam O'Boyle

Social Action, Third Sector