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Posted on: 21 July 2021

It was nearly two years ago that we began the process at Student Hubs of indefinitely pausing Worthwhile, and we are pleased to announce that we are exploring whether we can relaunch the most impactful part of our Worthwhile offer: our training cohort. 

Why did Worthwhile pause in the first place?

Student Hubs made the decision to pause Worthwhile indefinitely in late summer 2019. The main reason for this was internal staff changes: our Programme Manager Sonia was moving into a new role, and Worthwhile Director Pippa became our CEO. Alongside changes in the sector, it felt like a good moment to press pause right before the start of another academic year and really review what our offer was for Worthwhile, how it aligned with what Student Hubs was offering, and how we could make the most of the opportunities through the Worthwhile banner. 

With the pandemic in 2020, this indefinite pause became longer than we originally envisaged, but it has once more given us an opportunity to continue to reflect on what Worthwhile can offer under Student Hubs, and we’re excited to bring that to you now. 

What will the new offer look like? 

At this stage, we’re aiming to relaunch a 6 month training programme operating from October (pre-session, with session 1 to commence in November) to April, consisting of one half-day, virtual session a month. Staff who are part of the training programme will get to engage with a cohort of peers, who are junior staff from other organisations who have also signed up to the programme. 

Each training day will consist of:

  • A practical workshop style session focusing on a key skill, providing a space for learning and application;
  • A speaker session from the sector, sharing their reflections on their career and the issue area they work in;
  • A peer support session where the cohort can share experiences and problem solve challenges they’re facing in their day-to-day roles. 

Outside of monthly training sessions, the cohort will have access to an online Slack channel for continued peer support, access to our CEO Sim Dhanjal for additional support and guidance, and be connected with the wider Worthwhile alumni network. The programme has been designed to give a solid grounding in key sector knowledge and skills. 

Sessions include: introduction to the third sector, leadership, innovation, resilience, influencing and negotiation, and a final reflective session for the trainees. 

Pricing and logistics 

The programme will be priced at £1500 per staff member for the 6 month duration. We are aiming to have 10 staff members confirmed for the programme for the initial pilot, and will only go ahead if we meet this target. We will want to confirm this by 3rd September, so register your interest as an organisation ASAP so we can follow up with you for an initial call to discuss the offer and plans. 

As before, we specialise in working with charities and social enterprises, however many of the skills as part of our programme are applicable to a broad range of sectors and roles. Register your interest as an organisation for your staff taking part in this training programme here. 

Please also note that unlike our previous format, individuals cannot apply to the programme: they must be sponsored by organisations, and individuals cannot pay for their place as part of this training cohort. If you think this programme would benefit you, we encourage you to share it with your employer (see our recommendations below) who can follow up with us directly to ask more questions. 

Why have we made this decision? 

At Student Hubs it has always been important to us to engage with early career staff (such as graduates) as they navigate their first two years in the sector, and we still see it as a key part of our mission as an organisation. With our relaunched training offer and as we head into a new academic year, it feels like the right opportunity to scope bringing the programme and format back. 

Thinking about the specific offer we have decided to go ahead with, our Management Team and Trustees (several of which are Worthwhile alumni) identified that the community which came with the Worthwhile cohort was one of the most meaningful parts of the programme. 

We want to build peer networks for individuals new to their careers in the third sector with which they can share their training, development, and socialise. The value of this, alongside the overall development and access to training and speakers which the training cohort provides, is significant in shaping the start of people’s careers. This is why it makes the most sense for us to start with bringing back to the training cohort, instead of the graduate recruitment services Worthwhile used to offer. 

What about recruitment and training outside of the cohort?

We can also offer some advertising support for recruitment roles and ad-hoc training through Student Hubs, however we are not at this time returning to the format of Worthwhile which included embedded graduate recruitment and vetting for roles.

However, our training packages includes sessions designed for early career staff (Page 10) which may be of interest. Please email Fiona Walsh, Partnerships and Development Director at to find out more about advertising or training outside of the Worthwhile Training Programme. 

How can I encourage my organisation to get involved?

If you were a Worthwhile alumni and would like to encourage your organisation to sign up, or work at an organisation that has staff who may benefit from this programme, or if you know you would benefit from this programme and want to signpost this opportunity to your manager, you can share this register your interest form with them to complete. From there we will be in touch directly to speak to your organisation about the programme and confirming your organisation’s involvement. 

Having staff internally advocate for the programme would be a huge help in securing our pilot cohort, so if you want any more support with raising or communicating about this opportunity with your team, feel free to reach out directly! 

If you have any questions about our Worthwhile training offer or influencing your organisation, do get in touch with Fiona Walsh, Partnerships and Development Director at to find out more.

Fiona Walsh

Fiona is Student Hubs' Partnerships and Development Director. She leads on university and training sales, alumni and corporate fundraising, partnership development and external relations. Fiona started her social action journey as a student volunteer with Southampton Hub.

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