Your great social impact combined with our fantastic network of students creates opportunities to shape a better world.




Connect with students


Weekly newsletters

Connect directly with our network of 26,000 students by advertising through our Hubs' newsletters.


Social media

Reach students passionate about your cause through our social media channels.


Local & national events

Join students at the start of their social action journey by becoming a speaker or sponsoring an event.



Access the best talent


Internship Scheme

Host exceptional students from our network as part of our Social Impact Internship Scheme.


Social Innovation Programme

Benefit from our pro bono student consultancy service for charities and social enterprises.



Connect with engaged and committed candidates for your graduate-level jobs or internships through our network.



Staff Training


We deliver workshops to staff – focusing on how to effectively engage and train students, support students who want to volunteer internationally, and measure the impact of their activities. We also work with universities on discrete consultancy projects – focusing on student engagement and impact measurement.


How to Run Effective Training

This day long workshop explores how to design a great training session and how
to improve delivery skills, to maximise learning. Student Hubs has delivered our one-day workshop on How to Run Effective Training for the past 2 years.


Supporting International Volunteering Training

We developed Impact International, a UK-wide programme, to help prepare students to choose sustainable international volunteering projects that will provide positive outcomes for them and their host community. This training day informs staff about the benefits and complexities of volunteering overseas, and specifically focuses on the best ways to support people who may be considering voluntary activity abroad.


Intro to Impact Training

Measuring your impact is vital to proving the value of your work and improving upon it in the future. A robust impact measurement system allows you to assess what’s working, divert resources away from failing projects and invest in programmes that are delivering your desired outcomes.




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