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Parliamentary Launch of ‘Service Nation 2020′ Demos Report

On Monday afternoon, I attended the launch of the new Demos report ‘Service Nation 2020’, hosted by the Minister for…

Francis Wight

Policy, Third Sector

#iwill, will you?

We’re sharing our pledge of support to #iwill, the national campaign promoting youth social action

Sara Fernandez

Policy, Social Action, Third Sector

Volunteers’ Week 2015: From the volunteers’ perspective

It’s hard to believe that Student Volunteering Week finished exactly three months ago today, and today marks the beginning of…

Rachel Tait

Social Action

Challenging assumptions about sex workers

Margot Tudor, Bristol Hub‘s new International Development and Rights co-ordinator, writes about her experiences working with One25, a charity which…

Creating meaningful internships in the social impact sector

At Student Hubs we run the largest social impact sector internship scheme in the UK, which has been operating since…

Tasha Unwin

Social Impact Careers

Harnessing the power of video on a shoe-string budget

Video naturally appeals to the human brain. Viewers retain 95% of a message when they watch it in a video…

Ravinol Chambers

Third Sector

How innovative companies such as Storemates and eRated are helping to grow the sharing caring collaborative economy.

Estimates show that the sharing economy could be worth $335bn by 2025 Even the Government wants to get involved in…

Bally Sappal and Matthew Godwin

Social Enterprise

The future of social action in universities: what can we learn from student leaders?

Generation selfie is dead; long live the millennials. A ‘values revolution’ is being driven by young people who value purpose…

Sustainable consumption on a student budget

On Saturday 7th March, Southampton Hub held another daylong Sustainability Festival that proved to bring even more students, staff and…

Volunteer for Cambridge: the power of community collaboration

Collaboration is a tricky word. More often than not collaborative projects can be undermined by a minefield of negotiations about…

Anna Malan

Social Action

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